Венецианский карнавал

Автор: Иваноff

Собственно, фотографии с Венецианского карнавала. Лица в масках... Маски в лицах...

Просмотров: 1974 | Комментарии: 7 Посмотреть все фотокниги
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reply (Ср, 07.11.2012 - 09:44)

Jiang Xiaoyuan began to execute his plan.She believes that the risk is too big, if really pregnant, but Song Ziyan doesn't let go.Song lawyer may not let their children on the outside.

"Hi, my mother this when business is not bad, what my children living on the outside?"

"Boss, are you going to take your children live?"

Well, this is indeed a problem, marriage is lives in his uncle's home, she can't take the kids back to uncle's home, so a pressing matter of the moment is the addition of pregnancy, "sex" is an urgent problem to solve, she don't want to stand big belly in the hot sun for house house.

"What for?"

The above is yesterday and Jia in a small bar conversation, of course, buy a house in pregnancy suddenly things before completion, she and help her pregnant man in peace.

"Want to matters of the company."

She bent down to busy to prepare breakfast, coach purses outlet didn't dare to look, the face of the man beside me.If the determined.But now the light is reminiscent of last night's passion, let her feel hot, flash, white face as in validation of her ideas as hot red.

Song Ziyan looked at the busy wife.She always got up early to prepare breakfast, he's after, breakfast on the table waiting for him.Today she is getting up late last night, apparently really tired.

Last night, coach factory outlet the first passion, she went to the bathroom and indifference to let him feel uncomfortable, he didn't think, immediately follow the bathroom, pulled her wayward demands, wantonly to cling to her again in his bosom moan craving, until her face, body and no cold.

She is a passionate response to meet him, also ignited the irrepressible passion from louis vuitton handbags the bathroom, go back to bed, once again, all through the night he is unable to meet the tasting her beautiful, like the first affair like to lose control......

At that time he was not a serious lawyer, not because the face of past lovers and shilly-shally man, he is immersed in the passion for the sea, only in the eyes of sexy wife, ear to listen only wife moan.

He tried to rational analysis to examine their attitudes and ideas, maybe this coach outlet store online is a kind of escape, immersed in the wife's enthusiasm, he faced no choice, nor on what he should do.Passion, imagination will soar, sensory nerve will this sharp, relatively slow, reason naturally.

This attitude is a jerk, he is very clear, but paradoxically do not want to know the source between him and everything as the solution to their physiological needs.

He noticed that she is currently shadow."No sleep?"

She looked up at him, coach handbags outlet extrusion laugh."You did not give much time to go to bed, isn't it?"

Song Ziyan pulled the corners of the mouth, "if tired, you can take leave to rest at home."

He said these words at the same time, looks extremely pride.She was tight, the inner thigh pain is like climbing a mountain, it is his fault that!Furosemide, arrogant man.

She come with him."Do you want to come with me?"She had no measurement in his own heart, just after provocation.

He is handsome shrug, very frank analysis."If I stay at home, for the rest of you will be less."

Jiang Xiaoyuan turned red in the face, to understand his words.God, is it right? She accidentally pressed the song lawyer emotional switch?After marriage, he has been to control their own, until the day she kiss him......Does she need not take the film to learn, can let the man she will be unable to extricate oneself?

Alas, the man is really thinking nothing but sex coach outlet canada of the creature, he doesn't love her, but don't mind and her skin related, occurring most intimate behavior?However, at least is happy, she soon will be pregnant......

Song Ziyan stared at her, her dress soft docile body, curved slender, slightly lower V collar and Jin fossa that does not hide the red marks, but reveal sexy.Suddenly, he did not want to let others see her beautiful.

He was to speak: "do you want to change a high-necked clothes?"

Why?Today the sun, do not suit to wear turtleneck."

"Don't fit?"He stroked the hickey.Not because he is the smooth coach factory outlet skin touch and love, she also because he suddenly touch and coach outlet jumped up."I think more suitable."

Jiang Xiaoyuan staring at him.His strange tone, cold eyes, even with a warning that, "this......Murphy......He was jealous?"

Song Ziyan hand, take a deep breath, also found himself like a jealous husband.

He returned to the safety of the topic, "you want me to accompany you at home?"

She stared at his face, even completely invisible, she still hope to find traces......He was jealous?"You must be very busy."


Again, coach outlet online Jiang Xiaoyuan sighed sadly.She may be the ravenous, will think that he was jealous.

She feels like to coach outlet store online end with Bacon and eggs out of the kitchen, the song Ziyan behind her.

Before coach factory online Dong Xiuqing appeared, if he would be in the kitchen with her, even if it is only "well", she will experience that he hit the jackpot.But now, she could not forget the other woman lying in his side of the screen.

Simply_Maria аватар
Simply_Maria (Пнд, 07.05.2012 - 22:59)

Восхитительно! Просто мечта! И подборка - выше всяких похвал!

мамка аватар
мамка (Ср, 21.03.2012 - 16:47)

у меня только один вопрос.

после такой красоты, не захотелось самим стать такими моделями?

irezine аватар
irezine (Пт, 17.02.2012 - 19:47)

Нехарактерное для меня выражение, но все-таки скажу: упоительно. Хочется смаковать и перебирать...

E-Lena аватар
E-Lena (Пнд, 06.02.2012 - 16:26)

Ух, Олег, как же это красиво! Меня всё это ждёт через 4 дня!YAHOO

Фил аватар
Фил (Пт, 03.02.2012 - 23:57)

Превосходные костюмы на великолепных фотографиях! Восхищение, упоение и услада для глаз!!!

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Модератор (Ср, 01.02.2012 - 22:53)

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