Love story

Дубаи, лето
Heroes of this novel: 1) Prince 2) Princess & It was very sad but very nice novel!!!! First of all let me introduce main heroes of this love story!!! Princess was little and stupid girl. She was just 17 years old. She lived and enjoyed the life. She didn't know what real LOVE is . One day when she was coming back from university with her WHITE friend she met him.... Hero of our novel, Prince was coming to the university with his slim, tall and very handsome friend. Many girls were crazy about that guy. But when the Princess saw the Prince her heart began jumping very funny and she felt something that could not be expressed by words!!! When they came nearer to each other Slim guy greeted the Princess and asked about her life. Princess replied positively and could not help looking at the Prince. In his turn the Prince looked at the Princess from her legs to head. She felt how he looked at her and a little bit ashamed... When the Prince asked her name , she whispered her name. Then he called his name. They did not talk too much, because both of them had to go to the opposite directions. The princess was very interested in the Prince and began asking her friend to tell her as much information about him as possible. Her WHITE friend told about him not very good things. She told that he was alkash and smoker, and the worst trait of him was his being very rude. It turned out he could say nasty words to any girl!!! He wasn't very much gentleman. On hearing bad characteristics of him she did not disappointed, vice-versa she fell in love with Prince more and more....Because the ideal boy for her was very rude guys. When she came home, she thought only about him. She dreamed to be his only lady. But in the real life people do not take everything what they wish. Next day morning, she took a shower, dressed her favorite green blouse and went to her alma-mater, hoping to see him one more time. And her wish came true. She met him in the canteen. He was sitting with his close friends. The Princess pretended buying some chewing gum. In her luck the Prince came to her, but did not have a look. She took an incentive at her own hands and greatest him first. His reply was very dry and her heart nearly cried. She definitely understood that he was not interested in her. She went out from canteen and was talking to other students. But when the Prince was going home with his friends , he called her to go with them and moreover suggested to take picture with them. The Princess saw this picture only in 3 years. It turned out her blouse was not so good in photo and seemed like she was pregnant .But skip it.. He flew away to far country... she began to forget about him.. She was studying and never think of him. But next year he came to his summer holidays. That time our Princess turn to Cinderella. She was working in one cigarette company as a promoter-operator . Her job was sitting in the street and she got very very dark, moreover her hair style was awful. One day they met each other in front of big supermarket. She knew him and called out his name, as for him he also knew her and called her name. The Prince invited her to drink some coffee in the cafe. She agreed to go with him and went with him in spite she felt her awful and ugliest but happiest girl. In cafe they sat with his close friend WINTER and her friend WHITE. The prince offered to order something and was shocked when heard her desire. She wanted BEER!!! She liked to drink alcoholic drinks too. They talked they laughed and then the princess had to go to her workplace, unfortunately. Their last meeting that summer was when they walked around with all her and his friends. In the midnight when everybody had to go home, the Princess realized that did not have money. She turned to her Prince and asked 20 soms. You should have seen his face. He burst out of laughing. The Princess was so funny that time for him. He caught a taxi and drove her home. It was their last meeting that year as I have already mentioned above. Next year when he came to her country, they met again. They even went to Issyk- kul lake together. But again with friends. She confessed about her greatest, cleanest, deepest, most beautiful LOVE to everybody, except him. But he did not pay attention. He did not love her. She was so upset that was ready to shout and cry out. But he was as a stone. He did not let her to talk to him.. However he permitted her to love him. He did not say nasty words to her. It was enough for her and she continued to be in love with him. He flew away leaving her alone and lonely. She wrote love letters so many times but no reply. She prayed him, she asked him, she quarreled him, but he was as a stone. On the 16th of November he sent her sms, congratulating with her birthday. Oh she was in the 7th heaven, she read this message 500 times!!! My dear reader do not be happy, because in 3 days after sms , our hero sent an unforgettable letter her by email. He confessed how he does not love her. On reading this she could not help crying. She cried and cried. Then she wrote him last, sad but love letter... It is so sad, but this is a real story... P.S. Princess began to turn to alcoholic girl and smoker. Her life is broken and she is suffering....She will never become happy, though she tries to smile within her friends...
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Ranton аватар
Ranton (Чт, 03.05.2007 - 14:33)
Это невозможно!!! Так не бывает! "В его повороте принц посмотрел Princess от ее ног к головка. Она чувствовала как он посмотрел ее и немного ashamed… " "В ее везении принц пришел к ей, но не имел.." Далее, такой транслейт я читал в ванной, заперевшись от сына и выключив свет .. Вопрос к автору.. Я теперь жить не смогу спокойно, пока не пойму ЧТО ТАКОЕ "РУДЫ ВАНТЫ".. По польски - это "рыжие ванты", черт скажите хто нить, ну что такое "ванты"!!! :rofl:
Ranton аватар
Ranton (Чт, 03.05.2007 - 15:08)
Сергей за ссылку СПА :P Я этих вантов на своих модельках столько перевязал.. :P Нет у Ефрона с Брокгаузом ответа на мой вопрос... :(
Irma аватар
Irma (Чт, 03.05.2007 - 15:57)
:D а я просто читала и не философствовала :D вот.. кстати, таких вот...унылых и бесславных романов в жизни у каждого как-то вот имело место, мне каааца....
Flyess аватар
Flyess (Пт, 04.05.2007 - 11:47)
"He flew away leaving her alone and lonely.." Now and then we would like to be alone to think something over.. but it is not the same as being lonely..
Irma аватар
Irma (Пт, 04.05.2007 - 13:38)
:D so sad feel lonely... :nyam: :(
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